Chlorophyll Concentration

Accurate determination of chlorophyll concentration in absolute units [µmol m-2]

atented chlorophyll concentration meter returns chlorophyll concentration in absolute units of µmol of chlorophyll per square meter of plant leaf area.

Linear Output

The Beeservices chlorophyll concentration meter is calibrated to measure chlorophyll concentration in leaves with units of µmol of chlorophyll per m2. This eliminates the problems with relative indexes of chlorophyll concentration. For reference and comparison purposes, the Apogee meter also outputs relative units [CCI or SPAD] if desired. For details see: Parry, C., Blonquist Jr., J.M., & Bugbee, B. 2014. In situ measurement of leaf chlorophyll concentration: analysis of the optical/absolute relationship. Plant, Cell and Environment 37:2508-2520.

Non-destructive Measurement

The meter measures the ratio of radiation transmittance from two wavelengths (red, strongly absorbed by chlorophyll, and near infrared, not absorbed by chlorophyll), making measurements non-destructive and nearly instantaneous (measurement time is less than 3 seconds). This facilitates rapid measurement of multiple leaves and monitoring of the same leaves over time.

Storage Capacity and Geo-referencing

Memory allocated to data storage allows for 160,000 logged measurements. A mini USB port allows for direct connection to a computer to download data. Chlorophyll meter comes with a standard mini USB to USB cable for data download. An RS-232 port is available for external GPS connection, allowing field data to be geo-referenced. Storage capacity of geo-referenced data is 94,000 measurements.

Variable Sampling Area

The meter measures the relative chlorophyll concentration over an area of approximately 64 mm2(circle with 9 mm diameter). A field of view reducer is included to reduce the sampling area to approximately 20 mm2 (circle with 5 mm diameter) for leaves narrower than 9 mm.

Typical Application

Applications include chlorophyll concentration determination in plant leaves for assessment of nutrient status, fertilizer requirements, evaluation of stress, and optimization of harvest.

Warranty and Support

The MC-100 is backed by a 1 year warranty and outstanding customer support.

Left: Older chlorophyll indexes such as CCI (left) and SPAD (right) do not have a linear relationship to chlorophyll concentration. Parry, C., Blonquist Jr., J.M., & Bugbee, B. 2014. Plant, Cell and Environment 37:2508-2520.