Solar Energy PV Monitoring

Cost-effective tools to optimize photovoltaic systems

Beeservices India offers cost-effective tools, including a PV monitoring package, to monitor solar energy resources, optimize panel placement for maximum efficiency, monitor photovoltaic system performance, and determine site location.

PV-100 PV Monitoring Package

Beeservices  PV monitoring package is designed to work with an SMA cluster controller and includes a silicon-cell pyranometer, Class A PRT back-of-panel temperature sensor, fan-aspirated radiation shield, and Class A PRT air temperature sensor.

Solar Radiation Sensor (SP-214)

  • High accuracy, silion-cell pyranometer
  • Measures Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI) or Plane of Array (PoA) Irradiance
  • 4-20 mA output signal

Back-of-Panel Temperature Sensor (CS240)

  • PT1000 Class A PRT
  • Self-adhesive aluminum disk promotes heat transfer from panel surface

Fan-Aspirated Solar Radiation Shield (TS-100)

  • Prevents solar radiation induced errors
  • Long life, IP55 rated fan
  • Meets IEC 61724-1 requirements

Air Temperature Sensor (ST-150)

  • 1/8 inch diameter, Class A PRT
  • IP67 rated
  • Meets IEC 61724-1 requirements

Silicon-cell Pyranometers

Beeservices silicon-cell pyranometers feature a monocrystalline silicon-cell detector that has the same spectral response as a PV module. The sensors quantify shortwave radiation being harnessed as electricity.

Same Characteristics as a PV Module

Beeservices silicon-cell pyranometers feature a monocrystalline silicon-cell detector that has the same spectral response as a PV module.

Rugged, Self-cleaning Head

Patented domed shaped sensor head (diffuser and body) facilitate runoff of dew and rain to keep the diffuser clean and minimize errors caused by dust blocking the radiation path. Sensors are housed in a rugged anodize aluminum body and electronics are fully potted.

Output Options

Multiple analog output options are available including: 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 2.5 V, 0 to 5.0 V, and 0 to 350 mV ranges. The silicon-cell pyranometer is also available attached to a hand-held meter with digital readout, and as a digital ‘smart’ sensor that uses USB communication and custom software to interface directly to a computer.

Thermopile Pyranometers

Beeservices  thermopile pyranometers are cost-effect and feature a blackbody thermopile detector that provides a broader and more uniform spectral response for better performance in all atmospheric conditions, particularly under cloudy conditions.

Fan-aspirated Radiation Shield

Did you know that traditional multi-plate radiation shields cause ambient air temperature measurement errors up to 10 C in high solar, low wind conditions? With many performance monitoring standards calling for a measurement uncertainty of less than 1 C, this is a large and frequently overlooked problem. The TS-100 is the solution. The unique shape and ultra-low-power fan ensure an uncertainty of only 0.2 C in all conditions.